Four day international online retreat

活動類型: 一週靜坐營

Four days of meditation over the three hour threshold. You participate from you home. For those who have already learned Acem Meditation.



2020年11月12日, 17:00
2020年11月15日, 14:30

Enjoy the opportunity to meditate over the three-hour threshold. The retreat offers everything a «normal» retreat would have: long meditations, guidance groups, plenary meetings, and yoga sessions. This upcoming autumn retreat is a unique opportunity for those who have learned Acem Meditation.

You participate from your home and meditate in your favorite chair or in your bed. Although the participants meditate in different countries, the retreat brings people together in a special way. The participants of the first online retreats of Acem Meditation felt that they were brought closer both to themselves and others, independent of the distance between them. That is why we have decided to follow up with further online retreats.

DRAFT Program

(Might be subject to changes)


1700 - 1800 Welcome: Who are we and how to do this (online)

1815 - 2000 Time for meditation (at home)

2015 - 2130 Guidance groups (online)

2200 - 2210 Plenary session: Setting up meditation buddy pairs (online)

2210 - 2230 Talk with meditation buddy (online)


Friday and Saturday

0800 - 0845 Morning yoga - optional (online)

0900 - 1300 Time for meditation (at home)

1300 - 1330 Lunch

1330 - 1500 Guidance groups (online)

1530 - 1630 Walk with meditation buddy (at home)

1700 - 1800 Seminar (online)

1815 - 1915 Meditation (at home) 

1915 - 2030 Dinner (at home)

2030 - 2115 Social - plenary

2115 - 2300 Open room (online, optional) Talk with meditation buddy (online/at home, optional)



0800 - 0845 Morning yoga - optional (online)

0900 - 1200 Time for meditation (at home)

1215 - 1330 Guidance groups (online)

1330 - 1430 Plenary session

1430 Goodbye for now


主辦單位: 國際雅肯靜坐學會


Course times in CET.

Times are preliminary, and might be subject to change.

Course language is English

Please indicate upon enrollment if you want a German speaking guidance group. We will do our best to accommodate your wish.


Turid Berg-Nielsen

Head of Acem Germany. Professor of Psychology at the University of Trondheim.

Monika Wirkkala

Head of Talent Attraction Unit, The Swedish Institute. Initiator in Acem.

Christopher Grøndahl