Learn to meditate at the Young retreat July 24 to July 31 2021

Learn to meditate at the Young retreat July 24 to July 31 2021

2021年7月24日, 16:00
2021年7月31日, 14:00

Tired of corona and feel for relaxation and meeting people? Learn Acem-Meditation at Young Retreat 2021!

Acem-Meditation is easy to learn and easy to practice. It’s an intuitive thing. Thoughts are allowed to pass freely. There’s no attempt to empty the mind.

The effects are immediate. You’ll experience sweet relaxation and get increased contact with yourself.

Better sleep, better concentration, and more openness towards others are other typical effects.

Meditation sound

While many meditation techniques use the breath as an anchor in meditation, Acem-Meditation uses a meditation sound.

This sound is word-like but has no semantic meaning. It initiates the relaxation response in the mind and body.

You learn the sound already on the first full day at the retreat.

Everything you need

You also learn how to deal with typical challenges in meditation, such as restlessness and self-critical thoughts.

After the retreat, you will have everything you need to meditate alone at home.

Personal communication

Acem-Meditation is an app-free zone. You learn the technique in personal communication with certified instructors.

All instructors have meditated for several years and have been through a thorough education. They will answer your question and make sure you get a good start on your meditative journey.


You learn the technique in a group with other beginners. Here, you can share experiences, explore your meditations, and learn from others.

Because the Young Retreat retreat also is for people who have already learned Acem-meditation, you will meet experienced meditators during meals and joint activities.  

Longer meditation

Practitioners of Acem-meditation often meditate one half-hour every morning and evening, or once a day for 45 minutes. Others use the method when they feel the need. Ten minutes are better than nothing.

At the Young Retreat, however, you will also get the chance to try longer meditation – up to four hours. Longer meditations encreases relaxation.

Pleasant and friendly atmosphere

Young Retreat is known for its pleasant and friendly atmosphere. We are happy to see many participants return year after year.

2021年7月24日, 16:00
2021年7月31日, 14:00


This beginner's course is part of the International Young Retreat for meditators.

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When ordering using the menu and button above, please remember to register the appropriate price alternative before clicking the button. Full-time students get a discount. Early Bird Price is for non-scandinavians only.

It is also possible to register by sending a message to Acem and paying in euro by international bank transfer to:
● IBAN NO: NO8060260497238
● Recipient: Acem, Pb 2559 Solli, NO-0202 Oslo, Norway
● Bank: Nordea Bank Norge ASA, Pb 1166 Sentrum, NO-0107 Oslo, Norway
● Include the following information: Course number (to be found in the upper right corner of this page) + name of participant(s)
● Your registration will be valid upon receipt of your payment.

Infection prevention

During the corona period the number of participants will be limited. We follow covid-19 guidelines from Norwegian health authorities. If you have symptoms associated with covid-19, or you are in quarantine, please stay at home.

If the retreat is cancelled or you need to cancel your registration due to the corona situation, you will get a total refund of the entire course fee (not including travel expenses). We strongly recommend buying refundable air tickets.


活動類型: 初級課程

主辦單位: Acem Student Group

課程代號: V21098


Elisabeth Heimdal Wærsted

Acem Meditation Initiator. Civil engineer, PhD. Business Development Manager.

Bjarke Madsen

Economist. Working with process optimization and artificial intelligence. Acem Meditation instructor.